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In the late 1880s, John Thulen's pioneering great grandfather set out on a search for the perfect place to raise his children. He traveled across the United States, looking for land on which he could grow quality food and sustain his family for generations to come. He found that place in the Skagit Valley, a fertile valley located in the Pacific Northwest, in Washington State. There, the endless forests and rich soil provided many opportunities for a hardworking family to succeed in farming.

Generations late, we at Pioneer Potatoes till the same soil with a new "pioneering" spirit. Years of good farming practices have enhanced the soil, enabling us to maintain quality crops, which are second to none. Pioneer Potatoes specialized in growing Red potatoes, primarily the Chieftain variety. We also offer Yellow and White potatoes, with varieties including Yukon Gold and Cascade.

Pioneer Potatoes is a family operation, owned and operated by John Thulen, a fourth generation farmer in the Skagit Valley. We are uniquely different from other companies because when you contact the salesperson, you are also dealing with the owner, John Thulen. The Pride we have in our product is shown on every Pioneer box, where John's great grandfather is picture, hilling his own potato crop. At Pioneer Potatoes, growing and selling a quality product is not just a business, but a way living.



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